About us

Since 1994 bringing the best of the orchard to the kitchen


Our most select gastronomy on a platter for our guests.

Our specialties are the work of the best chefs and the freshest ingredients that our land has to offer for the enjoyment and delight of our most demanding diners.

Our gastronomy

Fried eggs with duck föie,
apple and sweet onion

A new approach to the typical fried potato and fried egg dish with a sweet and savory twist.

Cod confit with sauce

Smooth, powerful and delicious
Our cod confit with piquillo peppers sauce is always a winning bet.

Artichokes from Tudela
with Iberian ham

This representation of Tudela artichokes with Iberian ham will awaken your senses.
Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can eat today.

Grilled squid

Fresh grilled choipirirones presented on a bed of stewed potatoes and green coriander mojo sauce.

They are so good that you will want to repeat!