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For the satisfaction of our customers, we work with Kmarea in our menu

Our menu on Kmarea

Accompany your dishes with professional photos, making them more descriptive, attractive and appetising. Add detailed descriptions of the dishes, their ingredients and allergens. You can always access the menu from any device in different languages. Kmarea has translation into 11 languages.


Access our menu from any device by simply scanning the QR code on the table.


The entire menu is highly detailed, with all the photos, ingredients and allergens in a very visual way.


Our menu is fully updated.


Scan it

Scan the QR code on the table to access the menu online.


Explore our menu and make the most of our specialities.


And finally, you can calculate the bill down to the last detail before paying.

Our menu

faster, cleaner

El Rincón de Tenorio is environmentally conscious, and thanks to Kmarea, we offer a way of consuming our gastronomy in a more sustainable way, without paper, and with technologies that pursue sustainable development.

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